Berlin Avantgarde Extrem

Pervert intimate theatre, dialogues and dramatic story line!

The series AVANTGARDE EXTREME wants to be characterized by an increased acting demand (in the form of a closed erotic chamber game) with at the same time even stronger pornographic compromise and limitlessness within the conditions that we can implement. These films have very aesthetically controversial scenes, but we are not going to be judged as "dirty film" so easily.
As an intellectual it seems only natural to me to use the property of the mind to examine ALL of the possibilities of sexual-aesthetic universes (i.e. perversions etc.).

As a porn artist, we have the task of conveying an erotic fantasy that, if ingenious, will almost always be in the “black area” and therefore does not want to be determined by the conventional clichés.

We would also like to expressly point out that we distance ourselves from any real form of glorification of violence or gender disrespect outside of this area of ​​fantasy.!