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HI! I am Simon Thaur.

Many people might recognize me as the (male) founder of KitKatClub in Berlin (yes, there is a female founder too) and the producer of all these crazy porn stuff from Innovative-Productions.

I say it as it is. In the year 2007 I stopped my porn productions because my interests went strongly towards an intellectual direction and research about what life is all about. In the last 10 years I worked upon a system which is able to proove connections between planetary influences and the hormonal axis. During this time I managed to write down around 3000 pages material upon this matter which will be published soon.

During this time also an incredible pool of music got created together with Charly Bainsky in my private music studio which I never published.

Being aware that most of these songs are far too good to just keep them safe in the computer or listen to it myself I decided to do a few free music videos. It turned out very quickly that producing conventional music videos was far too boring for me in order to inspire me in doing such a thing. To keep up my interest I decided to keep the focus of my music videos again more pornografic.

In meantime many things changed anyway in the last 10 years through the internet. Almost everybody has already seen almost every style of music video as well as all the available porn stuff. Usually its mostly the same and very very little is new or original. So I decided to do a balancing act between art video and porn in a way that porn is just one of many dimensions in such a video. The actual main focus is creating a cool and multidimensional video and overcoming categoric borders in the sense of kinkyness and provocation.

After starting the first videos and diping again into „Far Out“-stuff it became quickly clear that for a free video streaming on youtube 18-area very soon all these ideas I had in my crazy mind went far beyond the sexual content limit which is allowed on such plaforms.

Therefore this circumstance made it necessary to do this site as a pay site even though it was not planned so in the beginning.

What I try to present on this page is a young, fresh, unconventional and multidimensional new concept of how to mix up porn, poetry, music, humour, abstract intellectuality and other dimensions in a complete unique way which so far is unreached until now and without competition.

If you feel bored of the usual standards and specified categories as myself and search for a new and unconventional spectrum of music as well as visual content, I am sure, you will find lots of little jewels on this page.

Free your mind and enjoy! I wish a lot of fun and inspiration!