Inspired by the lively exchange of erotic fantasies with my girlfriend Mali, I got the desire to shoot real porn again after 2 years of music videos during the lockdown in 2020.

But I didn't want to just repeat myself after all these years. Through my experiences with the greenbox through the music videos, I got the desire for a project that is shot exclusively in the greenbox, which gives me the opportunity to get more into certain fantasies and the corresponding landscapes.
Because such greenbox projects are very time-consuming to produce, and the customer will of course not be satisfied to get only one film every 4 months, new conventionally shot films will continue to appear as well, so there will be at least one new film every month.
The name "Terre des femmes" refers to my expanded concept in contrast to the old Subway films. In addition to the previously known sub-female themes, friends of female-dominance themes will also get their money's worth. All new films still have an unconventional and grotesque storyline with corresponding dialogues, as known from my old films.

I wish everyone a lot of fun!ff!