We' re back again! - The naughtiest films around!

Sex Trance Bizarre

Authentic scenes from the KitKatClub in Berlin

Breaking Taboos

Nomen is omen: crazy adventures on the streets of Berlin!


NFurther extras from the "Daring adeventures in public" section.

3 Bengel für Charly

The cult casting series!

Experiment: Ausgeliefert sein!

Authentic ractions to most bizare gang bangs!

He-Art Core

On the multiple wish, but also a feature film series like Avantgarde Extreme without creating the scat elements, this series was created in 2006.

Avantgarde Extreme!

Pervert intimate theatre, dialogues and dramatic story line!

Portrait Extreme

Is there a way to get more extreme? Scat only!

Das Haus Hedonia!

A most bizare and grotesque soap opera!

Checkpoint Charly

A mixture of 3 Bengel für Charly and Haus Hedonia: Attention border crossing!